Ponto West - Shopoff Commercial


Ponto West is comprised of approximately 3 net acres of land bordered by Carlsbad Boulevard/Coast Highway 101, Avenida Encinas and Ponto Drive.  (See PB2 on map.) The zoned Planned Community and is part of Subarea F within Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and Local Coastal Program [See All Proposals & General Information section of this website], that requires the city and developer to consider and document the need for the provision of lower cost visitor accommodations or recreational facilities (i.e., public park) on this site and develop special development standards for the site.  The City’s General Plan and Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan [See City Documents under the documents tab of this website], shows this area as a future commercial site.

Shopoff Land Fund II, L.P. (Shopoff) has an Option to potentially acquire this site. Shopoff is a speculative developer that tries to get land use approvals and permits to develop and then sell those permits to builders.  Shopoff’s stated mission is to “Shopoff Realty Investments is a real estate investment firm specializing in offering qualified clients diversified long-term investment opportunities … Shopoff Realty Investments places the needs of our investors above all else...” Shopoff warns it’s investors that “Investing in Shopoff Realty Investments limited partnerships involves a high degree of risk, including the possible complete loss of your investment.  In addition to being an illiquid investment with an uncertain liquidity date, these investments may have other risks involving: 1] Uncertainties in the real estate entitlement process, which may result in increased costs, delays, and risks of ownership of the property, 2] Uncertain or weak general market conditions relating to the future disposition of properties, 3] Possible unforeseen costs or liability associated with the properties, 4] Competitive pressures on selling price, 5] Possible conflicts of interest, 6] Possible requests for additional capital to maintain your ownership share, 7] Uncertainty regarding future taxes.” [source: Shopoff website 5/20/17].

Shopoff’s originally tried to propose reduced commercial use and expanded residential use on this site.  Noting the lack of beachfront commercial services in South Carlsbad the community expressed a desire for a vibrant beachfront commercial village that was not deluded or reduced by residential use.  In response Shopoff resubmitted on December 20, 2016, updated in August 2017, proposed design of approximately 18,000 square feet of food, retail and restaurant in two separate 35 feet maximum height buildings, an additional outdoor dining area of approximately 1,800 square feet, and 153 surface parking spaces.  Shopoff also included a .5 acre usable open space for use as a private/public park or function area for the commercial uses, which Shopoff has since deleted from it's plans.  Shopoff proposes to transfer dwellings to the Ponto East site to increase the residential density on that site vehicles on site.

Shopoff had originally requested General Plan and Zoning changes to its development permit application, which would have increased land use density and building intensity and building heights, and reduced building setbacks. The Ponto Beachfront Development Review Committee (Committee), with help from residents and adjoining neighbors, successfully worked with the Carlsbad City Council and Planning Commission to reject many of the Shopoff proposals and include needed design features. 
Shopoff has received development review comments on its submittals from both the City and The Committee which are included under Documents on this section/website. 

General Information
The land use planning in the Ponto area is particularly complex because many of the planning issues/standards/visons are not fully resolved and are to be addressed with any proposed future development. This involves coordination with both the City and California Coastal Commission. That is why community input now is vital. The California Coastal Commission will be the final approving governmental agency for any development as the site is the last remaining undeveloped coastal area in South Carlsbad.  Fundamental land use issues that maybe of concern include exploring use of portions of the area for parkland or lower cost visitor serving uses, defining the special development standards called for portions of the area. See in City Documents the Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and Local Coastal Program Subarea F requirements.