Ponto South - Kam Sang Co, Inc Resort

In 2015 Kam Sang Company Inc. purchased the 14 acre property facing Batiquitos Lagoon and bounded by Carlsbad Boulevard, Avenida Encinas and the railroad tracks.  (See RESORT 3 on the map.) The property like San Pacifico and Ponto West and East is zoned Planned Community [the Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and Local Coastal Program].  The City General Plan designates Visitor Commercial uses for the site.  The site is Planning Ares G and H in the Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and Local Coastal Program.

Kam Sang proposes to design, build and own a five star resort hotel/timeshare project on the land. Its December 2016 proposed preliminary plan (see Documents on this website) shows 280 guest rooms, 45 residential/hotel homes, typical spa, food/beverage, meeting spaces and underground parking. The City of Carlsbad and Ponto Committee provided initial review comments to Kam Sang on this preliminary plan that is included under Documents on this website.  At that time Kam Sang did not want to share their proposed plans with the public and asked the Ponto Committee for informal perspectives on areas of potential community concern.  The Ponto Committee respected Kam Sang’s request and noted a full Community evaluation and discussion by People for Ponto would need to occur to gather community consensus views of Kam Sang’s proposal.

Based on initial City and Ponto Committee input, Kam Sang is re-evaluating its design concept and presented revised concepts to the Committee in June 2017.  Initial Ponto Committee input related to changing architectural style to better fit the community, increase building setbacks along Avenida Encinas to create a Public View Corridor to the ocean from the sidewalk, concern about eh location of the Public Bluff-top Trail around the site, and input on the proposed Public Trail Bridge over the railroad tracks and potential employee/guest parking on San Pacifico private streets (that have public access easements on them).  The 2017 updated architectural plans are included in this website.
In 2017 Kam Sang indicated they were in an early stage of the development proposal process, and intended to submit to the City its plans for planning approval in 2018 and hopes to get the project approved within the next few years, then constructed immediately afterwards. Their estimate would have had a resort opening as early as 2021.

From 2017-2020 the Ponto Committee periodically checked in the Kam Sang to ask about their status, and about opportunities to advance the community consensus desire for a Ponto Park.  In September 2019 Kam Sang formally applied to the City for development permits.  In September 2020 Kam Sang and the City posted a sign on-site about the application, and provided a proposed site plan and an artist’s rendering of the revised proposal that now proposes a 3-story 274 key and 48 timeshare villa resort.  These can be viewed at  Documents tab.
General Information
The land use planning in the Ponto area is particularly complex because many of the planning issues/standards/visons are not fully resolved and are to be addressed with any proposed future development. This involves coordination with both the City and California Coastal Commission.  The City can approve Kam Sang’s development proposal, but a City approval can be appealed to the CA Coastal Commission, and the Commission can reverse, modify, or approve the City’s action.  See in City Documents the Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and Local Coastal Program.