Ponto East - Shopoff Residential


Ponto East is approximately 6.5 net acres of land bordered by Avenida Encinas, Ponto Road, Ponto Storage and the railroad tracks.  (See PB1 on the map.)  The site is zoned Planned Community and is part of Subarea F within the Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and Local Coastal Program [See All Proposals & General Information section of this website].  That Master Plan and Local Coastal Program requires the city and developer to consider and document the need for the provision of lower cost visitor accommodations or recreational facilities (i.e., Public Park) on this site and develop special development standards for the site for any proposed.  The City’s General Plan shows this area as a future residential site with a density of 15-23 dwellings per acre.  The City’s Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan [See City Documents under the documents tab of this website], shows this area as 2-story townhomes.

Like Ponto West Shopoff Land Fund II, L.P. (Shopoff) has an Option to potentially acquire this site. Shopoff purchased this option during the City’s General Plan evaluation process.  Shopoff proposes 137 dwellings on this site, or approximately 21 dwellings per acre.  The City currently basically provides for a minimum of 15 dwellings per acre identifies 109 dwellings as a minimum [see Carlsbad Land Use and Housing Elements], and a maximum of 23 dwellings per acre.  The Committee is working with the City to provide a specific calculation of minimum residential density and what is allowed to be ‘transferred’ from the Ponto West Commercial area.  For reference the San Pacifico neighborhoods are all developed at approximately 6 dwellings per acre.  

Shopoff’s December 20, 2016, updated in August 2017,  design proposes 3-story and 40 feet high buildings by maximizing the building height potentially allowed by the City.  Shopoff is proposing underground parking to maximize the building mass or volume.  For reference San Pacifico under similar City regulations was developed with 2-story buildings and 30 feet maximum building heights, except for Santalina that is built at 35 feet maximum.  Also for reference the Cape Rey Resort buildings are a maximum of 3-stories and 35 feet tall. The floor to area ratio of Shopoff's residential housing is 3.5 times that of the Hilton Cape Rey. The City’s adopted Ponto Beachfront Village Vision Plan only shows 2-story townhomes at 30 feet or less in height as the ‘vision’ for this site. 

The Committee in receiving and coordinating Community input has corresponded on several occasions to Shopoff, the City and California Coastal Commission not being in agreement with the proposed density, building height/intensity and number of stories.

Shopoff has received development review comments on this revised submittal from both the City and The Committee which are included under Documents on this website.  The Committee will continue to engage the Community and appropriate City and California Coastal Commission Staff, City Council, and other relevant parties to make sure development information is clear, and Community concerns addressed.

General Information
The land use planning in the Ponto area is particularly complex because many of the planning issues/standards/visons are not fully resolved and are to be addressed with any proposed future development. This involves coordination with both the City and California Coastal Commission. That is why community input now is vital. The California Coastal Commission will be the final approving governmental agency for any development as the site is the last remaining undeveloped coastal area in South Carlsbad.  Fundamental land use issues that maybe of concern include exploring use of portions of the area for parkland or lower cost visitor serving uses, defining the special development standards called for portions of the area. See in City Documents the Poinsettia Shores Master Plan and Local Coastal Program Subarea F requirements.