How To Help

We need 10,000 letters sent to the Carlsbad City Council and the California Coastal Commission voicing support for Open Space and a Coastal park in Southwest Coastal Carlsbad. CA residences and visitors alike can help by filling in the below...

Dear Mayor Hall, Carlsbad City Council, and California Coastal Commission:
I am informed that
  1. There is a current 6.6-acre park deficit in the Coastal Southwest quadrant of Carlsbad (south of Palomar Airport Road and west of El Camino Real), and that there are no Coastal Parks in all South Carlsbad and for a 4-6-mile section of San Diego County’s coastline.
  2. There is a 30-acre open-space deficit in Zone 9 (Ponto area - west of I-5 and south of Poinsettia).
  3. The State and City of Carlsbad’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) require that Planning Area F at Ponto (the 11-acre undeveloped area west of the railroad tracks, north of Avenida Encinas and south of Cape Rey Hotel) be considered as a public park for the benefit of Carlsbad residents and visitors.
  4. And most importantly, I am informed that the 11-acre Planning Area F is NOW available for purchase.

I request that my comments be put on record in the official public records for Planning Area F.

*Personal information will be kept private and only shared with the City Council and Coastal Commission