How To Help

We need 10,000 letters sent to the Carlsbad City Council and the California Coastal Commission voicing support for Open Space and a Coastal park in Southwest Coastal Carlsbad. CA residences and visitors alike can help by filling in the below...

Dear Mayor Hall, Carlsbad City Council, and California Coastal Commission:
I am informed that there is a current 6.6 acre park deficit in Coastal Southwest quadrant of Carlsbad, (south of Palomar Airport Road and west of El Camino Real); that there is a 30 acre open-space deficit in Zone 9 (west of I-5 and south of Poinsettia) of the Growth Management Plan; that the City is not requiring developers to first look at non-residential reserve and parks in Planning Area F (the large, undeveloped area west of the railroad tracks, north of Avenida Encinas and south of Cape Rey Hotel); and most importantly, I am informed that the City Council is currently reviewing plans to build a high-density, residential community in Planning Area F, a location perfectly situated to remedy the above deficits. Accordingly, I am requesting and making my position known that:

*Personal information will be kept private and only shared with the City Council and Coastal Commission